Middle-earth Quest

It is a time of growing darkness and despair. Sauron the Great, the Dark Lord of Mordor, has returned to his ancient fastness of Barad-dûr. From there, his evil and corruption has spread across the lands once more. Alas, in the West, there is little strength left. The Elves have all but abandoned Middle-earth, and the blood of Númenór has run thin; that which remains now dwells in Minas Tirith, or with the lonely rangers that haunt the ruins and wild country of Arnor.

Yet, there is still hope. Gandalf the Grey has learned that the One Ring, the master–ring which Sauron desires and fears above all, is with the hobbit Frodo in the Shire. ...

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Combat the Mounting Evil
The FAQ for Middle-earth Quest has been updated

Answer Your Burning Questions
The FAQ for Middle-earth Quest is Now Available

One Ring to Rule Them All...
The Middle-Earth Quest Trailer is here!

Ruling Power
The rules for Middle-earth Quest are now available.

Straight From The Creator
A designer diary for Middle-earth Quest from Corey Konieczka!

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