Wiz-War: Bestial Forces

With the Bestial Forces expansion, you unleash a horde of creatures into the labyrinth of Wiz-War. For the first time, you can harness the reckless stampede of the Minotaur or the magical trickery of a Genie as you duel your opponents. With six brand new creatures, each with its own sculpted plastic figure and life dial, this expansion brings new levels of wild magic to your wizard duels.

Creatures aren’t all you’ll find in this expansion, though. Three new schools of magic – Mythology, Draconic, and Totem – offer an array of new spells. Whether you tap the power of relics to get ahead of your opponents or use totems to affect entire sectors,...

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Unleash the Creatures
Bestial Forces Is Now Available for Wiz-War

Craft Your Totems
Preview the Totem School of Magic in Bestial Forces

The Power of Dragons
Preview the Draconic School of Magic in Bestial Forces

Feral Creatures and Ancient Relics
Preview the Mythology School of Magic in Bestial Forces

Bestial Forces
Announcing an Upcoming Expansion for Wiz-War

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